Making Entertainment Easy

Colooder is a digital fan experience platform linking the physical experience with digital services

Connected Experiences

Device agnostic, Colooder connects the digital experience to enhance the fan's enjoyment of their passion at an event and every day.

Easier enjoyment drives greater revenue.

Clock delivery partner

Easier For Fans

Colooder is unique in bringing together all the services required to provide the ultimate day out.

Easier to purchase


Food & Drink


Subscriptions & Content

Easy to get around

Access Control


Queue Busting

Easy to discover

What’s going on

Where things are happening

Personalised Content

Easy to enjoy

Rewarding Loyalty

Enhanced in venue and at home services

Discounts and Offers

Ethical White-Label Betting

Personalised Experiences

Easier For Rights Holders

Colooder provides Rights Holders gateway control of all digital services provided by your chosen suppliers and service partners.

Rights Holders define and control the end to end digital customer journey from consideration to event completion, control of data flow on transactions and customer behaviour.


Customer Single Sign On (SSO)

End to end customer journey management

Advanced Behavioural Insight

Secure and Compliant

Beautifully Designed

Smart optimisation for any device or browser

Customised Branding

Customer Centric Approach

Powerful Search

Just in Time

Personalised Customer Services

Dynamic offers and Pricing

Geo targeting


Enhanced Sponsorship Solutions

Stronger Commercial Partnerships

Innovation for new Commercial Opportunities

Colooder XMS™ Services

Feature rich, the XMS maximises event revenues by putting simple customer experience at the heart of its service offering. XMS integrates traditional CMS with the physical fan experience allowing rights holders to better manage delivery of digital and real life services to their fan community in venue or at home.

Ticketing and Access Control

Integration of digital ticketing services and Access control.

Intelligent ticket presentation, when it's needed.

Queueing and F&B

Integration of Food and Beverage EPOS.

Queue busting Innovations.

Social Distancing mechanisms to eradicate the queue.

Buying Merchandise

Integration of Merchandising suppliers.

In seat delivery & Click and Collect in Store or direct to Home.

Delivering personalised retail opportunities in store and online.

Communication and Content

Dynamic Communication platform, for PR, Publishing, Podcasts and radio feeds.

Zero latency Ref Feed direct to user devices - coordinated with broadcasters.

Personalised Content and Geo Targeting.

Fellow Fan (Icon Voice Services)

Integrated voice services connects the fan experience with at home IoT technology.

Fan Buddy

In home match and venue information commentary and voice purchasing. Turn your voice devices into another fan at your side.

Next Best Action

Personlised suggestions based on fan behaviour delivered right to their device. Dynamic App control alters design dependent on learnt fan behaviours.

Business Insight and Real-time Decisioning

Behavioural & purchase data provides rich opportunities for short and long term decision making.

Match Centre

The XMS utilizes an integrated match centre to distribute live and up to the minute content to web, social channels, push notifications and more. The Match Centre is integrated with stats providers to automatically and dynamically deliver exciting content to phones, wearables, website, and voice devices.

Aspiring B Corp

Societies challenges are not the responsibility of Governments, Non profits and charitable organisations alone. We believe that all businesses have an important role to play in challenging society to be better, more caring, and more sustainable.

Colooder has been founded on principles which align to our application for B-Corps certification. We passionately believe that a great company is one where profit meets purpose. That means we’re committed to achieving the highest standards of social and environmental performance. We aspire to transparency and accountability in our work and to a culture which is positive for our clients, employees, the communities where we work and to the environment.

For further details on B-Corp Certification, see About B Corps

Fan Engagement always on

• News tiering: exclusive and latest news, members only news
• Match day centre that engages with fans wherever they are: app, website, social, push.
• Quizzes
• Competitions
• Player of the match voting
• Fan gallery
• Score predictor
• Big screen integrations
• Ref feed
• Loyalty

Commercial revenue always on

• Merchandise
• Click & Collect
• Click & Deliver to seat
• Click & Deliver to home
• Click & Access to premium content (subscription based services)
• Brand partnership solutions through bespoke, data-driven activations
• Raffle
• Betting

Communicate always on

• Personalisation
• Email
• Push notifications
• Triggered messaging

Data always on

• Track and gain insights and understand your fans behaviour as they engage with your platforms

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